Betty Greaves

Obituary of Betty J. Greaves

   Betty J. Greaves passed away peacefully on October 25, 2020 at the age of 95. She was a beloved mother, grandmother, aunt, teacher, and friend.     

   Betty was born on October 24, 1925 in Eastland, TX, shortly thereafter moving to Cisco, TX. She was an active, athletic child with many friends and a cheerleader in high school. She was also a talented and serious piano student, performing as a piano accompanist for a violin quintet and as an organist at church.  After high school, Betty attended SMU in Dallas (in 1943-44) where she joined the Tri Delta sorority, transferred to Julliard School of Music in New York City (in 1944-46) where she earned a Diploma Course in Piano Degree, and then transferred to University of Texas in Austin (in 1946-47) where she earned a Bachelor of Music Degree. After college, Betty married Don Greaves (in 1947), established a home in Dallas, and raised two children, Donna and Larry. In 1970, Betty and Don were divorced. Betty then established a business as a piano teacher and church organist in Dallas, during which time she earned a Masters Degree in Education from TWU and created several music compositions. In retirement, Betty remained physically fit and pursued her many interests, including traveling around the world, gardening, music, and volunteering. She also was an active participant in the classes and ministries of her church, Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, and served in the church choir for many years.

  People often said that Betty had an elegant appearance and that her voice sounded soft and beautiful, almost like bells. Betty had a deep appreciation of beauty and could see beauty in places that others might miss it. She believed it was important to be authentic and to stand up for her beliefs. She enjoyed challenging herself, and was an inspiration to others. She talked from her heart, had strong emotions, and was decisive. She cared for people in need. She had a deep love for family and friends and enjoyed creating happy occasions for them in her home, always with room for more. 

   Betty is survived by her daughter Donna Greaves Skibbie; grandchildren Dylan Smith, Alexia Ferraro, Austin Greaves, and Sophie Greaves; great-grandchildren Evan Smith and Layla Ferraro; nieces; nephews; and in-laws. She was pre-deceased by her son Lawrence (Larry) Greaves; mother Jennie Slicker; father Homer Slicker; brothers Joseph Slicker and William Slicker; and sister Alice Warren. 

   A Memorial Service will be held at 1PM on Saturday November 21, 2020 at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas. The service can be attended in person or online.

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