Sri  Bukkapatnam Tirumala Venkata Seshavataram

Visitation and Religious Ceremony

10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Austin Peel and Son Funeral Home
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Austin, Texas, United States

Obituary of Sri Bukkapatnam Tirumala Venkata Seshavataram

Inspiring leader, admirable father, selfless father-in-law, and everloving grandfather, Sri Bukkapatnam Tirumala Venkata Seshavataram can be described in thousands of ways, but words fall short when we try to describe the impact he has left on our lives when he reached the Lotus Feet of the Lord, on January 23rd, 2021.

Sri BTV Seshavataram was born to Srimathi Venkatalakshmi Ammal and Sri PBV Ananthacharyulu Garu in 1943. His innate passion for knowledge was recognized early. He excelled in all of his subjects becoming one of the few to pass with Honors Geology from Andhra University in 1963. He joined ONGC at a young age and worked from ground-up, learning manual topography, mapping unknown territories, and defining the field of Oil Geology in India, as we know it now. 

He travelled far and wide and never spared a moment to learn state-of-the-art techniques and lived every experience to the fullest. With his contributions, he achieved a senior position at ONGC. During this career, he gave his fullest to every project and strived for excellence. He led by example and his presence in the office brought smiles to everyone’s faces. His love for Geology continued after his retirement where he wrote two spectacular books, served as the Dean of a University, and a highly-respected Director at GNRL companies. His passion for his career is still being recognized by those he worked with. Mr. BTV Seshavataram was very humble and generous, despite being so knowledgeable in his field. 

His dedication to his family was exemplary. From a very young age, he always valued his parents and parents-in-law and respectfully placed them on a pedestal. As a responsible son, affectionate brother, and a wise uncle to all his nieces and nephews, no decision was made without consulting with him.

He was a devoted husband. When it came to his children, Anant, Padma, and Preeti, he left no stone unturned and guided them to achieve their dreams. He supported each of them in their endeavours, and they followed him in becoming exemplary people themselves. More than a father-in-law, he was a friend, confidante, inspiration, and supporter to his daughter-in-law, Radhika and sons-in-law, Ravi and Sai. 

He loved his grandchildren, Kavya, Adithi, Ananya, Soumya, Praneet, Swara, and Vidur, unconditionally. He spent tireless hours playing with them and was known for his child-like mischief. He loved to cook delicacies for them and shared his famous recipes via Facetime. His passion for shopping was reflected in the beautiful clothes and jewelry that his grandchildren would regale in. He was a great mentor when grandchildren asked him about their career and future. While traveling with family, he never missed the opportunity to teach his children and grandchildren about how the greatest wonders of the world formed. He was an avid lover of music and inspired his grandchildren to explore the arts. He never stopped encouraging them to pursue their passions and was always proud of their achievements each and every day. 

He enjoyed a special closeness with his friends from all over and reminisced about his school days, college, and ONGC to post-retirement. They shared every happy and sad moment and valued each other’s support and advice. Through the years, they kept in touch and their bonds grew stronger.

He gave with open arms and never asked for anything in return. He supported many poor children financially to fulfill their education and helped families going through difficult times.  He loved taking bags full of candies, so little kids in the neighborhood would enjoy sweet treats from their universal “Tata”. 

Whether it was rain or shine, he always had a smile on his face. He was well-dressed, and a perfect, down-to-earth gentleman. His wisdom will always be ingrained in our minds. His values and selfless devotion to his family, friends, faith, country and work will always be in our hearts. His indomitable spirit and courage to handle any adversity will be a part of our souls. 

We hope his blessings and legacy will carry into the future generations of his family and friends. He will be greatly missed by everyone he touched. 

With love,

Bukkapatnam, Voleti, and Tamirisa families.

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